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Eco-responsible, recycled, colorful… Discover le typographe’s papers

Eco-responsible, recycled, colorful… Discover le typographe’s papers
Aurore Jouval

Discover the exceptional papers chosen by le typographe, based on their origin, their manufacturing processes and their structural properties.

If printing machines are the beating heart of le typographe, paper is its body. Paper is used to express and materialize. This changing body tells moods and tendencies. Paper is le typographe’s instrument of creativity. And le typographe takes great care in his choice.

The choice of paper is a crucial step for le typographe, because the papers are the supports of the creations and must embody them. The different types of paper, through their weights, textures, origins and manufacturing processes, reveal a unique tone. Each creation of le typographe deserves its own paper allowing it to express its personality.

Therefore, several criteria require attention when choosing paper.

The source

Committed to an eco-responsible approach, le typographe always favors papers having obtained certifications which guarantee an optimal level of environmental quality:

  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is a global label that identifies products originating from responsible forest management
  • EU Ecolabel is a label of excellence awarded to products and services meeting high environmental standards throughout the life cycle

Recycled papers are also part of the wide range used by le typographe for his creations. They present a double interest, both ecological and technical. Their use helps reduce pressure on natural resources by minimizing the use of virgin fibers, making them an environmentally friendly choice. In addition, recycled papers have interesting technical characteristics: sometimes rough texture, resistance, etc.

The weight

cahier avec des fleurs avec une couverture épaisse et résistante

The weight of the paper also plays a crucial role in graphic creations: the greater it is, thicker is the paper.

Thick like cardboard or thin like silk, the paper is chosen according to the use and the messages conveyed.

The quality of a creation is not measured by the thickness of its paper but is revealed in the care that was taken in choosing this paper.

Thin papers are rather used for creations evoking lightness and fantasy, while thick papers are ideal for works intended to resist over time such as the covers of notebooks or diaries, or in the case of greeting cards to be kept carefully by the recipient.

The colour

White as snow, fluorescent orange, celestial blue or mustard yellow… The palette is vast and le typographe’s colors are striking. Their choice owes nothing to chance since each creative project wears the color that suits it best!

White, black or light colors are associated with timeless elegance and sobriety. But bright colors allow to express boldness and dynamism. Colors have their language. Le typographe expresses himself with them.

Plain papers bring elegance, while lines or a fine grid give a touch of practical sophistication.

Entering le typographe’s boutique is like diving into a bath of colors where each nuance finds its place in a harmony that stimulates the eye.

The typicality

Some of le typographe’s creations are made on papers made from plant fibers that consume few resources, such as wheat straw, grass, cotton or even cannabis. These plant fibers give the papers unique characteristics in their texture, but also in their smell. Indeed, in addition to their distinctive feel, these papers exude notes of harvested hay or freshly cut grass… Touching the paper is like traveling a little.

The texture

Finally, le typographe chooses his papers according to their textures which are revealed to the eye, and especially to the touch.

Caressing the cover of a notebook with one’s hand, which one discovers is soft or rough, or running one’s fingers over the reliefs of a card delicately taken from its envelope, are sensory experiences which contribute to the scope of the creations.

The GARDEN notebook

In the world of typography, each type of paper embodies a harmonious marriage between tradition, quality and aesthetics.

The GARDEN notebook perfectly illustrates the meticulous attention that le typographe pays to the choice of papers to serve the creation. Their characteristics, from the texture of the papers to their smell, are carefully selected to support the user and allow them to capture their thoughts, sketch a few sketches, note their inspirations.

Each notebook is letterpress printed with a dotted grid on the right-hand page, providing discreet support perfect for writing. The left page, plain, may be suitable for drawing.

This is a unique creation by le typographe, specially designed for lovers of nature and the 4 seasons. It is made up of 4 notebooks made from a different paper incorporating fibers from kiwis, almonds, grapes and lemons. This creative and eco-friendly paper consists of 55% FSC virgin fibers, 30% recycled fibers and 15% other organic materials like kiwi, coffee, olive and cereals. It is produced using 100% green energy. The interest in using alternative fibers is not only ecological but also creative, because these fibers allow completely original effects. They also give the paper particular tactile properties: the touch is different from one paper to another.

The cover is made from 600g paper with natural plant inlays. It is rigid, solid, to face life! This paper made from plant fibers and compostable contains 50% resource-efficient fibers such as wheat straw, grass, cotton and cannabis. Come closer… it smells of hay and matcha!

GARDEN notebooks are printed, assembled, sewn and bound by hand in our workshops in Brussels.

A product to discover if you haven’t yet, a must-have in our le typographe-branded range. A gift to give to all those close to you who have a garden or simply like to live with the seasons.