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A world tour in le typographe’s shops

A world tour in le typographe’s shops
Aurore Jouval

High-end quality stationery products and unique objects, from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Italy

In le typographe’s shops, quality is always the priority. We have therefore carefully selected for you an exclusive collection of high-end stationery products. Other objects also caught our attention, bringing together the best from here and elsewhere! From Japan to Germany, via Switzerland and Italy, we highlight beautiful brands that share our commitment to exceptional and authentic products. So, let yourself be drawn into our journey around the world, where every product tells a story.


Our journey begins in Japan, where excellence meets innovation with the manufacturing of chrome ballpoint pens. This revolutionized the world of writing thanks to this technological advance in 1949. le typographe presents these pens to you, witnesses of unparalleled know-how.

The same quality requirement is found in the Japanese manufacturing of high-end leather writing notebooks. Although the artisanal manufacture of notebooks is also the specialty of le typographe, each copy being meticulously made by hand, we could not ignore these exceptional products.

Also find Japanese metal boxes in our stores. Having become iconic in Japan, these folded and embossed metal tool and storage boxes are designed in one seamless piece.

And to finish this step in the empire of the rising sun, meet some astonishing miniature pottery. These ceramics are personified perfection!



Our journey around the world now takes us to Germany, with a feather pen created in Heidelberg almost 150 years ago. Compact, practical with its resealable, refillable pouch and octagonal section, this pen has not changed since its origin. A timeless traveling companion, it is available in a variety of colors and materials in our stores.

le typographe also offers you remarkable leather cases, resulting from natural and artisanal pit tanning, using vegetable tannins from decoctions of bark, roots and fruits. Each pencil case is a unique model made by hand.


Let’s continue our journey to Switzerland, where writing and drawing instruments were created in Geneva more than a century ago. Elegance, quality, purity and technicality are there, as well as a strong commitment to sustainable development. le typographe is honored to present these products, offering users the opportunity to find the pen, mechanical pencil or pencil that perfectly meets their needs.


One more step and here we are in Italy. le typographe collaborates with an artisanal tannery, established in Milan in 2004 and offering a nice range of wallets, purses, card holders, key rings, lighter cases and roll-up tape measures. These luxury leather items are meticulously handcrafted using traditional techniques. Thus, the leathers are left to dry for weeks on wooden molds which give them their final shape, then receive treatments to obtain their characteristic smooth and shiny appearance.


Let’s now look at Denmark and look up at mobiles created by 3 generations of artists. These mobiles, subtle and delicate, are the fruit of a fertile imagination and will bring a touch of poetry and elegance to your interior.


The last stop on our trip is in France. le typographe’s boutiques allow you to discover wonderful soaps and candles made in France since 2001, using 95 to 100% ingredients of natural origin, favoring short circuits and real concentrates from Provence.

We also couldn’t miss erasers made from vegetable oil and pumice stone. They erase while respecting the paper and releasing fragrant scents adding a sensory touch to your kits and your creations.

Finally, to continue with the fragrances found in le typographe’s boutiques, you will find a scented dishwashing liquid and you can let yourself be captivated by candles which in themselves offer a veritable olfactory world tour, with their evocative names such as Delhi, Algiers, Jerusalem, Naples, or even Stockholm and Ulaanbaatar.

But a thousand words cannot be better than the experience of reality. So, enter our stores where each step is an invitation to a sensory exploration.

Take a look at the dazzling palette of colors in our creations.

Let your fingers wander over the texture of the papers, smooth or rough, ribbed, silky or cottony, and over the incredible softness of the leathers.

And immerse yourself in an olfactory universe where each perfume is a promise, a memory, a trip.

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