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Welcome on le typographe’s blog !

Welcome on le typographe’s blog !

Welcome on le typographe’s blog !

We invite you to discover the world of printing through various articles on the themes of stationery and printing. This blog is also an opportunity to show you what goes on behind the scenes in the workshop and to share our advice with you. For this first article, nothing better than to introduce us:

What is a “typographer” ?

Before becoming a profession and a brand, the typographer is first and foremost a small insect – a beetle – living under the bark of spice trees, digging a maze of tortuous galleries evoking the lines of writing.

Who are we?

le typographe is a printing workshop created in 2007 in Brussels by Cédric Chauvelot, a former student of the Besançon Fine Arts School and a typography enthusiast. This workshop-boutique uses the traditional letterpress printing technique thanks to the presses present in the premises. In order to create its own collection of stationery, the printing is done with lead and wood alphabets to guarantee a high quality.

All our stationery is produced in Brussels (100% guaranteed Belgian handmade!) on Heidelberg letterpresses from the 1960s. These machines are essential to our production and guarantee the quality and authenticity of our products.

The know-how of our team combined with the technicality of the machines is the key to the success of our products. A wide range of products is available for sale: postcards, diaries, calendars, envelopes, mini cards, etc.

Come and meet us!

Our workshop and our main shop are located in rue Américaine, 67 in Brussels, but le typographe has developed internationally and is now present in many countries: France, Germany, the United States, Japan and many others!

Another shop exists in Nantes (1 place de la Monnaie) in France. Just like its Belgian cousin, let yourself be transported in this subdued atmosphere… You will be able to discover our different stationery collections. One thing is certain: once you are in, you will not want to leave!

The future of paper in jeopardy?

Who has not dreamed of becoming a writer and filling in the pages of a notebook, sitting in a café or alone at their desk? Who has not found old papers from the last century in the family archives and yet still in good condition? Although computers have become the norm, nothing beats the power that paper gives you.

In this digital age, you might think that paper has no future… But that is not the case. That is why we focus on quality and refinement, because nothing can replace a wedding or birth announcement, or a postcard sent for a special event. This piece of paper is the guardian of the memory associated with it.

Beyond the experience that paper can provide – the pleasure of writing – it is essential for us to preserve the heritage that is the art of typography. A notebook is no longer just a medium for writing, but a handmade object in our workshop in Brussels, on authentic machines.

Did you know?

1 letterpress point = 0.398 mm.

The point is the unit of measurement in printing and typography. It is used to define the size of the font used!

We use the 6-point grid as a reference. Thus, the notepads are used as a support for the computer graphics work.