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About us

The story

The typographer is a little beetle which lives under the bark of spruce trees, creating a dedal of turning galleries that look like lines of scripture.

It begins with the Beaux-Arts University

Cédric Chauvelot, former fine arts student in France, passionate about typography, made this little insect the emblem of his company and brand.

Workshop and boutique together

In 2007, he opened a workshop-boutique in Brussels with a first typographic press and printed projects with lead and wood alphabets, in a constant concern for quality and typographic purism. He decided to create his own stationery collection and to present it at an international show. The professionals who discovered this brand were seduced and the activity grew. The team is setting up in the heart of the Châtelain district in premises grouping a boutique, a typographic workshop containing 800 cases of mobile lead characters and 6 Heidelberg presses as well as a workshop for designing and shaping , for stock and offices.

le typographe is a unique shop

The boutique is an intimistic place, in warm tones, cladded in dark wood. The color ranges of the papers and items stand out particularly. le typographe’s stationery products, as well as other rare brands selected worldwide are offered to the most demanding customers. You can find all kinds of beautiful and modern office accessories and sober and design stationery. Writing and paper lovers are satisfied, they can choose smooth, granular, textured, thick, fine, cotton and even stone papers!

In 2015, in order to get closer with its parisian customers, le typographe opens a corner on the stationery floor of the famous Le Bon Marché grand magasin.

Printing services

le typographe also offers personalized printing services. Customers can thus customize business cards, correspondence cards, announcements, invitations or other documents on the most beautiful papers and exclusively with the traditional lead printing technique.

le typographe all around the world

Today, le typographe collections can be found in more than 600 shops, stationery and concept stores around the world.

le typographe counts eight people. All products are designed and manufactured by hand in an artisanal way in the Brussels workshop.

Today’s stationery collections

In addition to the custom printing works, stationery collections are successful. There is a whole range of cards with a special design but also various ranges of notebooks, notepads, letter papers, envelopes, memo notepads, monthly and weekly calendars. The line of this manufacture is identified as much by the pleasure of the letter as by the care of the meticulous selection of the papers and colors used.

Success is going, paper and writing have a present and a future.


Technical requirements and constraints

Our products result from the requirements of our expertise and savoir-faire.

Impressions are made on our Heidelberg printing presses.
Our typographic studio includes nearly eight hundred drawers of lead letters.
Shaping is entirely hand-crafted in our workshop.


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